One shipment (9,000 lbs) of food that Kiwanis of Pahrump Valley will deliver to local Pahrump students. Shipments such as these are received every 4 weeks (on average). Once the shipment is received and offloaded, volunteers separate the crates of food into individual totes, and then delivered en masse to the local schools. The work is tedious, but requires special care because each student receives a personalized tote — even students with specific dietary requirements.

Many students in Pahrump are faced with an extra challenge when it comes to education. That challenge is hunger. Many of our students are provided breakfast and lunch through the district free and reduced program. However, many of them do not get to eat dinner when they return home. Weekends are especially hard and they return to school with empty stomachs, making learning impossible. The Kiwanis Food for Thought program is an educational program that assists local students by providing them with enough food over to the weekend to return to school on Monday full and ready to learn.

Founded by Shannon Moore (PV TImes article: Food program ensures kids fed over holidays), while she was the PTO president at Manse elementary in 2008. The Food For Thought program has grown from servicing about 30 children at Manse elementary to servicing over 475 in the 4 elementary, middle, high, pre-k and home schools in just the Pahrump Valley.

While this is a Kiwanis program, we seek individuals to volunteer in the food packing and school distribution each week to 8 locations in Pahrump Valley.

Karen Jackson at KNYE radio has always been a big supporter of the Kiwanis Food For Thought program, Even hosting 3-day radiothons to help raise funds for the program. Her radiothons have raised over $30,000 for the kids on the Kiwanis For For Thought program of Pahrump which is used for food to feed school-age children over the weekends who otherwise would go hungry.

Deanna O’Donnell periodically hosts food drives for Food for Thought at Wal-Mart.

The Pahrump Kiwanis Club Food For Thought Facebook page may be found at:

For more Information

For more information please contact Ken Murphy at (775) 209-3751.

We are able to accept …

Nonperishable food items needed, please remember we are looking for individual sizes, pop-tops preferred.

Sorry, but we can not accept any food that has been split into individual baggies. No glass jars. No soda or junk food.

Single servings or
snack sizes of

breakfast bars
cheese and crakers
granola bars
applesauce cups or pouches
fruit cups
fruit snacks
pudding cups

Canned items
vienna sausages
pork & beans
spaghetti o’s
spaghetti sauce ( no glass containers)
peanut butter
jelly ( no glass containers)

Boxed items &
dry goods

rice a roni
mac and cheese
pasta sides
instant potatoes

Shelf milk
juice boxes
bottled water
caprisun pouches